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  • Baby Escape Baby Escape 3586 plays

    Go on a tiny adventure that\’s big on fun!

  • Michael Jackson Baby Drop Michael Jackson Baby Drop 3460 plays Help save the babies by catching them using a basket and avoid Michael's deadly spiders.
  • Baby Spectra Vondergeist Baby Spectra Vondergeist 3397 plays

    Spectra Vondergeist is one of the Monster High ghouls and she is the daughter of The Ghosts, thus being also known under the name of Ghost Girl. Spectra has a pet named Rhuen which is a ghost ferret. Bacause she is a ghost, Spectra can float through walls, possessing an uncanny ability to overhear all the school gossip and she has always had a pale ghostly skin complexion ever since she was a baby. Discover Baby Spectra Vondergeist and her spooky cute baby fashion style, then make a comparison with teen Spectra killer style consisting of violet, silk, metal and chain accessories for a haunting look. Check out the pretty dresses, tops, skirts and jeans in lovely pink, red and purple colors that she liked to wear as a baby girly girl at school. You must definitely see her chic shoes collection made up of fashionable high-heeled shoes, boots and sandals, not to mention the scary sweet accessories like earrings, necklaces, backpacks, purses or leggings. Dress up baby Spectra in all her monstrously cute baby clothes and accessories and decide which outfit looks best on the baby Ghost Girl. Enjoy!

  • Chicken and Rice Chicken and Rice 3316 plays

    In this game for girls, you learn to cook a delicious chicken and rice recipe. Dazzle them all with your abilities, and become a professional chef.

  • Baby Hazel Hair Care Baby Hazel Hair Care 3229 plays

    It is time to give a hair treatment to our Baby Hazel. Her hairs have grown longer and dandruff's all over making it untidy. Help Baby Hazel to get back healthy hairs by trimming them and treating them for dandruff's. Finally give a fun filled bath and make her ready for the day. Keep her happy throughout the hair treatment sessions by giving favorite toys. if she cries you lose the game.

  • Baby With Teddy Bear Baby With Teddy Bear 3110 plays

    Take care of a baby and his teddy bear by wearing some clothes for them.

  • Cute Baby Boy Bath Cute Baby Boy Bath 2967 plays

    Don't you just love babies? Aren't they like the cutest things on Earth? Their innocent laughter just makes you want to hug them all day. Today you are a lucky girl because you get to babysit the cutest baby you have ever seen. Little Franklin is very playful and full of energy and loves to be taken cared of. If it's your first day as a babysitter you are probably really excited and that a good thing, you will surely get the hang of it soon. As we all know babies cannot take a bath without their rubber ducky and other toys so make sure you don't forget to add his ducky because frankly nobody likes to see a sad baby. After bathing him it's pajama time! Here is the fun part, you get to choose whatever outfit you like for the baby, anything from a cute little teddy bear outfit to a monster themed one. Make sure he likes it too. You should probably sing him a lullaby as he falls asleep and goes to dreamland for a perfect end to a perfect baby day.

  • Baby Hair Salon Spa Baby Hair Salon Spa 2907 plays

    Grooming kids is a hectic job for the parents and they make a lot of fuss about it. Most parents seek the help of professionals for these things because they know how to get things done from kids. Now you have got the busiest hair salon spa in the town. Parents bring in their children for haircutting and spa services and yours is exclusively meant for kids. You know how to handle even the toughest of the kids. Now there is a naughty kid at your spa salon and you will have to indulge the kid in a variety of things while keeping it happy by providing toys and other things. This makeover process starts with haircutting and ends with dress up session. So first wash the hair with shampoo and cut it accordingly to design a cute hairstyle for the kid and then take the baby to the tub and give a nice spa bath with different shampoos and soaps which will make the kid refreshed and rejuvenated. Once bathing is over, you can dress up the baby smartly with a superb hairstyle that the baby looks so lovely when it leaves your hair salon spa. Have fun with the baby!

  • Bratz Baby Puzzle Bratz Baby Puzzle 2894 plays

    Bratz baby puzzle will puzzle your mind. Are you ready to solve this cute puzzle? Bratz girls are waiting for you!

  • Zombie Baby Biker Zombie Baby Biker 2890 plays

    Hey did you know that Baby Zombie´s also like to eat Ice cream and not only Human brains? This is the story of Richard the baby zombie and he is driving behind a Ice Cream truck thats losing all his loading! You could say its his Lucky day!! Make sure you collect as much Ice Cream you can and set the best score with Richard. Good luck and Enjoy!

  • Baby Outdoor Bathing Baby Outdoor Bathing 2755 plays

    Little Baby is in a playful mood and is time for him to have a bath. Use Soap, Shampoos and Different bathing items and wash him gently, give him some toys while bathing and make sure he stays happy throught the game. Won't it be a plesant scene to watch the baby smiling! Have fun!

  • Baby Fashion Baby Fashion 2707 plays

    Wont it be a real pleasure to dressup this cute little girl, i dont think anyone would say no to dress her up cute little girl. Dress up this cuite little baby girl in her favorite clothes.

  • Baby First Haircut At Salon Baby First Haircut At Salon 2704 plays

    Baby Sofy is the most pampered child in the world. She is so naughty like most other babies. And grooming her is a hectic task for her parents. That is why they always seek the help of a professional to give her a nice haircut and a bath. This cute little baby is brought to your hair salon for her first haircut and followed by bathing. As a child specialist you must know how to make this baby happy. So before you start cutting her hair, give her toys to play with that she allows you to cut her hair and once hair cutting is over, give her a wonderful bath washing her hair and body with shampoo and soap. Finally choose a lovely hairstyle for her along with chic outfits and accessories to dress her up that she looks very adorable and fashionable. Have fun playing this baby first haircut at salon game!

  • Baby Hazel In Disneyland Baby Hazel In Disneyland 2673 plays

    Hurray! Baby Hazel\’s parents want to give her a memorable holiday treat, in the Disneyland! Baby Hazel is so much excited and joyous about her first visit to the most amazing amusement park. Help Baby Hazel to pack the required stuffs. Take her to the Disneyland and enjoy different activities with her.

  • Baby Onesies Baby Onesies 2653 plays

    For his playtime with his wooden pony, our cute baby boy loves to be dressed up with style, so how about you stepping in this cutie's colorful, lovely playing room and be his personal fashion stylist getting the "Baby Onesies" dress up game started?

  • Baby Hazel Brushing Time Baby Hazel Brushing Time 2636 plays

    Now it is Baby Hazel's Brushing time. Good Morning! You need to Wake up Baby Hazel and convince her to Brush. Pick up the tools required for brushing, tongue cleaning, gum massaging and washing face. Help Baby Hazel to complete all brush time activities without making her cry. Complete the activities within less time to earn more points.

  • Baby Caring Helper Baby Caring Helper 2619 plays

    The sweet babies need some help from you. They need some caring and you are the perfect person for providing it!

  • Baby Pony Baby Pony 2524 plays

    Say hello to this sweet looking baby pony, your new winged companion and the one who's going to take you on a free ride through its magical world of cuteness and happiness! But before that happens, get ready to work out your pony customization skills getting her a new lovely look!

  • Baby Kiss 2 Baby Kiss 2 2513 plays

    Babies are at it again.

  • Summer Aquatic Park Summer Aquatic Park 2497 plays

    With summer coming near, it's getting hotter and hotter. What is the best place for a Summer Sunday? The aquatic park would be a perfect place. Could you help Gaby choose her favorite clothes for the fun day in the world of water? Have fun!

  • Cute Doggy Day Care Cute Doggy Day Care 2422 plays

    Take care of your pup, paying close attention to the meters to keep it happy all day long!

  • Playful baby bathing Playful baby bathing 2412 plays Now it's time to take a bath to this cute baby using all the washing tools you have. You can use a lot of sponges and shower creams. After that you can dress up the baby, but don't forget to dry his hair with the towel or with the hair dryer.
  • Jane Care Baby Giraffe Jane Care Baby Giraffe 2354 plays

    The summer sunshine,grassy lawn, Jane very pleased come to the zoo, she is a volunteer for care baby animal, every weekend she will worked

    here.Jane love animal, love life, love all colorful things.This week, she will take care of the lovely giraffe.
    The giraffe have various requirements,you must think of ways to meet its requirements to make it happy!
    Finally, you can dress up for the giraffe, beautiful hat, glasses and a scarf.
    Let's take a picture together! Record the happy time!

  • Baby Hazel Learns Shapes Baby Hazel Learns Shapes 2313 plays

    It is Shapes Time!! Little Baby Hazel will explore different shapes today. Play with Baby Hazel and teach her different shapes through fun filled activities. First use some toys to teach Baby Hazel about the basic shapes. Then take her to kitchen and let her explore more shapes by baking some cookies. When mischievous Baby Hazel breaks one of the belongings of her Mom, help her fix it while improving her shapes skills. Finally take her to the park to understand the use of shapes in the outside world.

  • Belinda and Jake Belinda and Jake 2272 plays

    Belinda and Jake are two lovely small babies. They loo so clean and smell great. They are looking at each other and playing together. Today we're trying to find the hidden letters in their beautiful room.

  • Dora Pony Dressup Dora Pony Dressup 2214 plays

    Dora and her little pony is on an adventure. But she does not know what to wear. Can you help her?

  • Monster Baby Dressup Monster Baby Dressup 2197 plays

    This beautiful baby monster it's preparing for the first day at school and you have to dress her up for one of the most important days of her life. Choose appropiate accesories , clothes and a beautiful hairstyle for the little monster girl.

  • Baby Pedicure Makeover Baby Pedicure Makeover 2182 plays

    It's summer time, so have fun spicing up your baby feet.

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